Athletic Performances

At HempHelps, we recognize the importance of health and wellness for each player, our goal is to accelerate each player’s performance and recovery from injury using the specialized analysis to provide essential data related to promoting overall health.  Doing so will allow yourself or your players to be back in the game in less time and with no lingering side effects from traditional medicines, which in turn will make the team more successful and profitable.

The great news is we can help!  As providers of pain abatement products, we understand that the need of each player is unique and requires solutions on a case by case basis, for many years research involving the use of pharmaceutical (CBD’s) have been studied by doctors and pain practitioners but Hemp Helps would like to introduce you to Hemp supplements specifically designed to custom fit each individual.  Our Hemp has been designed to legally and professionally treat the pain and recovery of individuals using 100% legal hemp; our products can refuel the stamina of athletes, while maximizing their professional goals.

We are shattering barriers across all athletic institutions by introducing pristine plant derived Cannabinoids, these CBD’s have been characterized by their ability to activate the essential nutrition needed for ultimate athletic performance levels and accelerated recovery. 

All of our products from seed to shelf, are made within the United States and are all handled in-house to ensure that they meet our highest standards and the legal requirements across all 50 states.

HempHelps are former athletes and avid sports fans, we understand that creating a natural synchronicity between each player’s mind and body assists in maximizing their potential performance and recovery.