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Cutting Edge Hemp DNA Test Kit

Our home-based DNA kit is all you need to send your sample to the lab.

Cannabis DNA test kit layout

Why Cutting Edge Hemp Test Kit

Our clinical lab, specializing in DNA Testing, is able to diagnose diseases earlier and treat them more precisely through scientific advances in genomic medicine. This allows predicting health risks more accurately and achieving personalized medicine plans, both from a holistic regimen or a traditional one.

Our integral concept of a healthy lifestyle recognizes the value of understanding the origin of each aspect of our health. Therefore, it is our mission to help patients by facilitating access to their DNA, to allow better treatment and diagnosis through its analysis and profiling. We help people get life changing information about how their DNA can profoundly affect the results they get from using cannabis products, hemp products, and prescription.


From this DNA kit, a detailed, user-friendly report will indicate the patient of the “actionable” genes which are the genes where there is some action you can take if you find one or more SNPs that have potential impact that affects your optimal health.

The patient will provide a sample, by simply swabbing the inside of his or her cheeks, that will be sent out to our laboratory where it will be analyzed through sophisticated tests. This study will determine if certain genes have SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), which are variations of optimal nucleotides that affect the functions of those genes.

In the same way, this report will identify the different Cannabinoids and Terpenes that metabolize most effectively in the individual’s body for the condition they are trying to treat.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to impact lives in a positive way by empowering others through various specialized DNA tests. This will allow them to create personalized health results, and will provide knowledge and power to make better choices in theirhealth.Your personalized report is the result of over 150 analyses run on your genetic data. Your cannabis health report will show you which cannabinoids and terpenes are best for you.

You’ll also receive information about your general health and genetic predispositions so you can learn how cannabis can best assist you. We’ll direct you to the right types of cannabis products you should look for to help optimize your health, and will help keep you away from products that could provide you with negative experiences.  

  • 150 Analyses run on your genetic data  
  • 14 Different Medical Categories  
  • 450 genetic biomarkers spanning 150 SNP’s  
  • Specific and Ranked Prioritization of Cannabinoids and Terpenes for 17 different medical categories  
  • Personalized product and strain recommendations spanning 6 different activity groups to compliment all aspects of your life  
  • Translation of your ideal cannabinoid and terpene into ratios and products, as well as consumption warnings:  
    • Edible and Smoking warnings  
    • Cannabis Induced Psychosis Warning  
    • Cannabis Dependence Warning  
    • Precise weight, gender, form-factor, and experience-driven THC and CBD Dosage Calculator THC to CBD Recommended Ratio  

Relieve pain

Cannabis DNA tests for genetic variants associated with increased pain sensitivity and provides appropriate recommendations.

Ease anxiety

Certain cannabinoid ratios can aggravate or relieve psychosis and/or anxiety in some people. Get recommendations for your ideal cannabinoid ratio.

Assist with Insomnia

The analgesic, anti-anxiety, and sedative qualities of CBD can also address sources of insomnia due to pain or other life factors.

Minimize side affects

Metabolism of cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, can influence how you respond to cannabis and cannabis-related products.

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Personal Cannabis DNA Health Report

by Jim Liebo | CEO

CuttingEdgeHempLLC and RheaLabs partnership  |  ©

CuttingEdgeHempLLC and RheaLabs partnership  |  ©