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Jesse N.

Keller, TX

In late December 2016 while working out in the gym with heavy dumb bells. I happen to either tear or strain muscles in my upper right shoulder. This happened while laying on a weight bench and dropping a 90lb dumb bell back behind my head as I became exhausted. I knew at that moment that something bad had just happened as I felt instant pain. Due to not having health insurance at the time, I felt my only course was to try and let my arm/shoulder heal with time.

During this period of time I encountered more pain extending from my shoulder down to my elbow. There would be sleepless nights with only a bit of relief through ice packs and Advil. The nights were very uncomfortable and also due to not being able to fall into deep sleeps, my snoring increased according to my wife. The pain seemed not to subside after 30 days and I could tell my arm was becoming very weak. I could no longer carry a gallon of milk or put the car in gear. 

Jesse N Case Study

The day after I had called my Doctor in Stephenville who said he was booked for several days, I met Jim Liebo. He happened to feel my pain and said he would get me some lotion/salve for relief. On the 3rd or 4th day after speaking with Jim I received a package in the mail containing the product. He said to administer it to the area that had the most discomfort. That evening as I was getting ready for bed, I decided not to use the ice pack that I had gotten accustomed too but dabbed into the salve followed by the lotion. Before I knew it, I was waking up the next morning and as I stared straight up at the ceiling, the thought of no pain was very apparent. All kinds of thoughts were going through my head as my wife turned to me and said, “you must have slept very good last night because you didn’t snore.” My reaction was LOUD! That stuff works, I didn’t hurt all night! For the next two weeks I continued my use of the lotion and salve every morning and every night.

As I got my confidence and use back in my arm there were days that I could tell I was over doing it as some pain would come back, but it was very mild. Today I have full function of arm and no pain. I also found a natural use for the product as well.  While I had some product, I would dab some on the inside of my nostrils to relieve dryness. Usually in the morning I would be very congested and not being able to breath. This helped tremendously! I still keep the empty containers on my nightstand as a reminder that one day I want to get with Jim to get more so that I can be fully prepared for any type of treatment!